Recap from March 1st mtg

Thanks for a great meeting this past Tuesday! We had 23 attendees,
and everyone received a raffle prize! The group’s total membership is
above 40! Not bad for a brand new group!

Oscar Pedrosa and Nicholas Shippers did a great job offering advice
and tips for web site management, email marketing, and Google apps,
and sponsoring the food! For a copy of their presentation, here’s the

Their venture,, could be the eHarmony of commerce…
matching you with places to go and things to do, near you based on
your habits and preferences! Be sure to fill out their survey as
well. It will help with their upcoming app and it only takes a couple
of minutes. Here’s the link:

For our next meeting, April 5th, our own Steve Maier will be
discussing how you can use Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based Windows
server solution to provide a back-end to your mobile apps, regardless
of smartphone platform. For a brief intro to Azure, check out:

Additional topics for upcoming meetings include Titanium’s
Appcelerator, PhoneGap, SQLite, the actual process of uploading an app
to various App Stores, User Interface design and more! Speakers and
sponsors are welcome!


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