New mtg location = RIT Center for Student Innovation, from now on!

Thanks to the great turnout, and great location/parking/amenities/space/equipment/reception, and to the work of Professor Tom Kolankiewicz and the folks at RIT, we will now have our 1st Tuesday AppRochester meetings at RIT in the Center for Student Innovation instead of New Horizons.
This new location meets many needs.  We can accommodate the increasingly larger number of attendees, without ‘standing room only’ and we can spread out, leverage plenty of parking, stay later (9pm instead of 8:30pm), and still there’s no charge to us.  We should also be able to pickup more RIT students as they won’t have to travel and that will bring in some new blood to the group.
Link to RIT Campus Map with CSI:
Follow signs to Lot S (D7 quadrant on map) and park in any Visitor space located as far forward and to the right as they can.
The building in front of them will be Crossroads (also in D7 on map), and the Center for Student Innovation is a round, glass building located behind it (marked as CSI in D6 on map).
Our next meeting will be September 4th, and, through February, we’ve locked in the location for the first Tuesday each month EXCEPT in January, when we will meet on January 8th instead of on New Year’s Day… should be better for everyone.  Here are the dates:
I want to thank New Horizons for their past support, and obviously, if you have any needs for professional/technical training, be sure to consider them.



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