Sept 3rd mtg: Raspberry Pi, plus Aug 17 = AppRochester Junior

Great meeting last night.  Thanks to our own AppRochesterian Andy Knoll from the Lou Gramm Band for his talk on Web Audio.
Don’t forget Saturday August 17th, we will have our first AppRochester Junior meeting, for kids 10-15 to learn how to program games without coding!  Details here:

For our September 3rd meeting, our own AppRochesterian Scott Pellegrino will be presenting An Introduction to the Raspberry Pi.  RSVP here:
The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost credit card-sized computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.  It was created specifically with the intention of aiding the teaching of basic computer science in schools.  However, not only can you use it for education, a vibrant community of “MAKER”s has sprung up using the Raspberry Pi to do some really fun stuff, everything from growing tomatoes to brewing beer.
Scott will go over
– The hardware
– basic installation and set up
– what the Raspberry Pi is and what it is not
– and last but not least Demos!!

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