March Mtg – AT&T Rochester Civic App HACKATHON!

Our MARCH meeting will be on March 4th, 6pm to 8:30pm.  We are BACK AT RIT after their Summer renovations!  Please RSVP so we can order enough food.

INSTEAD OF A REGULAR SPEAKER, we thought it would be good to use this time to brainstorm and start work on one or more projects for the upcoming AT&T Hackathon.  Details here:

We (Todd Bernhard and Steve Maier) are judges so we can’t play any role, but we’ll bring the pizza and drinks, and leave you to your own devices, figuratively and literally!  Please RSVP here:

AppRochester meets monthly to discuss app development and marketing tips and tricks.  We meet at the R.I.T. Center for Student Innovation, from 6pm to 8:30pm, and pizza and drinks are provided, thanks to your donations and the occasional sponsor.

We meet on the First Tuesday each month, with some exceptions so check the website at and subscribe to our email list at!forum/approchester

Directions: Follow signs to Lot S (D7 quadrant on map) and park in any Visitor space located as far forward and to the right as they can.

The building in front of them will be Crossroads (also in D7 on map), and the Center for Student Innovation is a round, glass building located behind it (marked as CSI in D6 on map).


2 thoughts on “March Mtg – AT&T Rochester Civic App HACKATHON!

  1. V. X. says:

    Hi, I am a second semester senior at the U of R and I’m from Rochester. I have more or less no knowledge of coding except for some basics of HTML and CSS. I’m interested in learning more about app/app creation. Can I also sit in on these meetings? Or do you only accept people who already know what they are doing?

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