April 1st Meeting – continue with Hackathon project(s)

First, thanks to Mark Navarra of Wellington Steele & Associates (http://www.wellingtonsteele.com) for volunteering to sponsor the April 1st (no foolin!) AppRochester mtg at RIT. Details at http://AppRochester.com

In addition to any show & tell, we will allocate the time to continue working on your AT&T Civic Hackathon project(s) Details at http://attroc.hackupstate.com

Steve and I are judges, so we can’t participate, other than helping get things started and providing refreshments.

If you haven’t signed up, there is still time to do so, either as a group or individual contributor. Start a team, join a team, whatever, but give it a try.

Below is info on another Hackathon, in Syracuse.

And BarCamp is coming up as well, April 19th! http://BarCampRoc.org

About AppRochester
AppRochester is dedicated to helping app creators and enthusiasts in and around Rochester, New York.

2 Responses to April 1st Meeting – continue with Hackathon project(s)

  1. Jeff Kerns says:

    Thanks, for having me. Oddly, when I got home I had a set of keys in my coat pocket and I am very confused as to where they came from. If anyone is missing keys please let me know.

  2. Jeff Kerns says:

    Ok the owner of the keys was found!

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