HACKERS HEAVEN! AppRochester’s 1st Hackathon Oct 10-13, Columbus Day Weekend!

Introducing our FIRST EVER HACKERS HEAVEN HACKATHON to help build out the mobile/web site for MySpecialDays.com !!!  It’s a modern-day Barnstorming!  This project came out of our September meeting, and the goal is to take MySpecialDays.com from a successful, working Facebook app to a Mobile/Web Site that can authenticate independently of Facebook.We need ALL KINDS of talent… HTML5/CSS, PHP, MySQL, iOS, Android, graphics, User Interface, Facebook… Don’t assume you can’t help just because you’re not advanced enough.  Everyone can contribute… AND THERE ARE REWARDS like gift cards, great food, comfortable couches/chairs,  potentially $1,000 for each contributor… maybe even a job!  Plus there will be press coverage and other businesses/groups will be part of this and if it is successful, we can expect to hold more Hackathons!The HACKERS HEAVEN HACKATHON will run ALL WEEKEND, at Todd Bernhard’s house!  Hours are as follows BUT you don’t need to plan to be there all the time.  4 hours or more, as you see fit, over the weekend, would be great!  Try to come on the first night, though, so we can divide up tasks.  Please RSVP with an idea of what you can help with, and what times, using this form!We are seeking individuals with expertise in web, database, PHP, Android, iOS, graphics, user interface, Facebook and more to join us for the first ever Hackers Heaven Hackathon. Your participation in this event will pave the way for local start-ups and create jobs for the Rochester, New York economy.  Team up with a local RIT marketing professor and entrepreneur to launch the MySpecialDays app for licensing opportunities and funding. MySpecialDays is being touted by business, customers and leaders as the next BiG platform that will go viral. With over 30 loyal customers and fast growing interest, other local businesses are waiting in line to join!  The weekend program will be dedicated to coding in style amidst gourmet indulgences from many local restaurants, music, comfortable couches and more. event dates and location to be announced based on response and availability.You receive:

  • $1,000 cash when MySpecial Days raises over $1 million dollars
  • IMS Barter Business gift card for local restaurants, salons, dry cleaners, gift stores, entertainment facilities, hotels, travel and more
  • Career opportunity for a position with MySpecialDays upon expansion and funding
 M-123 MSD Hackers Heaven Hackathon

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